Back to John Adams – Marriage

A few posts back I reviewed a biography of John Adams and so to return to that illustrious personage here is a piece of correspondence from John to his wife Abigail. I think it exemplifies the loving relationship they maintained despite the long years of separation in service to the new nation.

Oh my dear Girl, I thank Heaven that another Fortnight will restore you to me – after so long a separation. My soul and Body have both been thrown into Disorder, by your Absence, and a Month or two more would make me the most insufferable Cynick, in the World. I see nothing but Faults, Follies, Frailties and Defects in any Body, lately. People have lost all their good Properties or I my Justice, or Discernment.

But you who have always softened and warmed my Heart, shall restore my Benevolence as well as my Health and Tranquility of mind. You shall polish and refine my sentiments of Life and Manners, banish all the unsocial and ill natured Particles of my Composition, and form me to that happy Temper, that can reconcile a quick discernment with a perfect Candour.

Believe me, now & ever yr. faithful

Lysander [a pseudonym used by Adams when writing to his wife]

– Taken from Our Sacred Honor: Words of Advice from the Founders in Stories, Letters, Poems, and Speeches edited by William J. Bennett.

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