About Amanda

Amanda - Summer 2015

I’m Amanda Stiver. Exploring history by natural inclination as well as education. University of Oregon graduate. Previously online content editor at Vertical Thought magazine.

My History Philosophy – So many fascinating things have happened and will happen, you might want to know about them! Being an historian isn’t a matter of academic heroics, it’s simply a healthy curiosity and a willingness to learn. Once you know the story, you become another link in the chain of human history that spans the past, the present and the future. Join me for the journey!

Professional Information – I am an experienced freelance Editor and Writer. With my background in the study of history and a keen grasp of what makes insightful, clear writing that inspires, edifies, and motivates, I can use those skills on your project, publication, or manuscript. Let me help you express yourself well!

To contact me for further questions about my professional editorial services please send me a message at HistoryGalWriter@outlook.com.